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Our Growth Strategy

Creating Corporate Self Actualization through M&A Symbiosis

Self-Actualization Merger Symbiosis (SAMS)
By rethinking and innovating the way technology service companies attract and secure investment, our approach unlocks the value in the under-invested SME sector.

We are a unique type of symbiotic collaboration where a group of Entrepreneurs and SMEs have joined forces under a group holding company to create mutuality and interdependency to help the group member companies break through barriers that have prevented them from scaling and achieving greater success, “Corporate Self Actualization1” for both the business and the entrepreneur [Craig Boddington, Chairman Hachi Group].

As part of the Group each company within the group gains many benefits, including attracting the best talent, the ability to scale quickly, secure funding for growth, to compete toe to toe with the big guys and secure larger more profitable contracts by being part of a larger group, with geographical reach and the balance sheet strength often needed simply to qualify in a corporate bid (RFI / RFQ) process.

The best way to illustrate this is that we create a mutual symbiotic relationship, with a common goal to solve the entrepreneurial problem on how truly get to the next level, how to create more time and resources to grow your business and to create wealth generating opportunities.

Whilst as an entrepreneur you may have built a profitable, award winning business, more often than not you do not have the financial freedom you desire, typically all your cash and wealth is tied up in the business. Most entrepreneurs start their

business with an ambition to have more time and money, but when you have run a business for a few years, particularly when you get to certain size you start to feel jaded. You can reach a plateau, where different skills are required to run the business, departments with specialist skills, corporate governance, risk management, HR etc. as well as specific leadership capabilities are needed that are often at odds to the founding entrepreneur’s skill sand capabilities. Typically your business has been structured to reflect operational needs and has not been optimized for an exit that fully recognizes the “sweat, blood and years!” that has been put into the business.

By joining the Hachi Group a business is transformed to break through constraints and to drive growth, build momentum and create value. The Hachi Group founder Craig Boddington and his team understands what makes a company valuable to an investor and how the entrepreneur can use that knowledge to double or treble the value of their company by joining the group.

Working closely with Transphorm LLC a global leader in business transformation and change and their investment advisory partner the Unity Group we are able to combine the best parts of a traditional merger and acquisition (M&A) roll up with the benefits of an Initial Public offering (IPO).

Wealth generating exit points are created through a planned and expertly executed strategic transformation road map as part of the SAMS process, leading to an IPO (strategic trade sale may be considered if market disruption caused by the Group results in a significant offer being made).The group will comprise approximately of 30 businesses, with a market capitalization of $300m.Initial founding members are currently being acquired to form the core of the group ahead of progressing to IPO.

Each company must be established, profitable and debt-free, with similar or complementary services and be run by highly talented leaders in their field. Each entrepreneur exchanges shares in their business for public listed stock in the central holding company, benefiting from the shareholder value drivers associated with large public companies – valuation, liquidity, scale.

As part of the Technology Group each successful business owner is given the freedom to continue running their business in their own way, helping to ensure that the talent that built the business in the first place continues to build the business in the future.

Our Contacts

  • Address: 455 Martinson, Los Angeles
  • Phone: 8 (043) 567 - 89 - 30
  • E-mail: support@email.com

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