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Our Values

Sharing common values and ethics

We look beyond the numbers. We look at the people, to seek to understand their core values and ethics. It is of upmost importance to Like, Trust, Respect and Admire each other. As a business we will always seek to create ethical and ecological business relationships. In negotiating deals we will be open and transparent and will ensure that the deal works for all parties.


Is this right for your business?
We have a strict selection criteria and a thorough due diligence process that businesses must go through before joining.

We identify and only acquire businesses that are:

  • Profitable – with at least USD $250,000 in net profit;
  • Debt-free; and
  • Run by highly talented entrepreneurs that share our common values

If you meet the criteria above, joining the Hachi Group could be the solution for you and your business.

For more information contact:



Or call to speak to a member directly with Craig Boddington at (407) 978-0020