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Who we are

The Hachi Group is a full service global technology professional services group of companies, comprising of a portfolio of independently managed subsidiary brands, each with specialist expertise and services, which together offer a broad suite of technology led professional services to global blue-chip clients. The Hachi Group provides a central, operating platform that supports its subsidiary brands by fostering collaboration and enabling each to concentrate on delivering best-in-class services.

The Hachi Group is actively growing group through direct acquisition of synergistic business across North America, LATAM, Europe and Asia.

The Hachi Group’s service offering includes;

  • Technology led business enabling consulting services.
  • Cloud enablement technology platforms and services
  • Technology recruitment & resource process outsourcing.

Our Contacts

  • Address: 455 Martinson, Los Angeles
  • Phone: 8 (043) 567 - 89 - 30
  • E-mail: support@email.com

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