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Benefits of joining us

What are the benefits of joining the Hachi Group for SME owners?

The group was formed to empower and enable SME owners to transition their business from small, founder-lead into a large multinational company.

The Self-Actualization Merger Symbiosis (SAMS) approach enables scale, unlocks liquidity, but unlike “normal” mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”), it allows owners to maintain control over their business.


Bigger, faster
Achieve operational and balance sheet scale instantly, which provides access to larger contracts and clients whose strict procurement guidelines usually preclude SMEs from the bidding process.

Access to capital
The SAMS approach offers a smooth and steady risk managed route to accessing capital while allowing business owners to retain full control of their operations. We create a vehicle big enough to attract capital funding. Intergroup loans to assist in working capital requirements or special projects as well as further acquisitions.

Complementary skills
Founding members are incentivized, through their equity interests and a transparent earn-out structure, to innovate and collaborate by tapping on to complementary skills within the Group.

Grow through acquisitions
Founding members are also able to pursue inorganic growth opportunities under the model.

Maintaining the legacy
With all new businesses joining group, we will always seek to maintain the legacy created by the original SME owner, we retain the loyal team of employees.

Brand retention and amplification
Brands will stay intact, the hard one reputation will be leveraged and built on to achieve even greater success. In fact our approach amplifies the brand.

Access corporate services
The central holding company offers corporate functions support and prepare the business transformation and ultimate transition from the private-to-public market.

Management and Control
Each SME owner (founding member) joining the group sites on the Executive Board with a remit to find better ways to work and collaborate, to save money or make money and improve profitability.

Access to the board of your dreams and top talent
By nature of the mutual symbiotic approach, access to top talent and executive and non-exec board will be achieved that simply would not previously been within reach. We draw on the strengths and expertise of the board members as well as being able to attract top industry talent support achieving our strategic objectives.

Synergies and Centralization
These are driven out naturally by the founding members sitting on the executive board by working together to identify opportunistic synergies

Talent Retention
Change can be scary, knowing this we take care to help employees and partners of acquired businesses through the change. Our change and transformation approach and framework delivered by Transphorm LLC helps remove the fear associated with news of acquisition and to help embrace change and see it as a positive personal opportunity.